What We’re Doing in Cambridge

Why did we pack all of our belongings into our parents’ basement and move halfway around the world?  Well, Ben is pursuing a PhD in New Testament studies.  His supervisor is Dr. Simon Gathercole, and he is writing about the place of the death of Jesus in the theological thought of Luke and Acts.  Rachael is working in Human Resources again, this time at a car company headquartered in Cambridge.   

We attend St Andrews Street Baptist Church and live in college accomodation across the street from Peterhouse, just on the edge of the city center in Cambridge.  We lead a simple life.  When we aren’t working, we like to take walks around town, spend time with friends, and watch movies together.  Rachael is an avid facebooker, and Ben likes to stay abreast of all the latest developments in American sports. 

We decided to come to the UK and enroll in a PhD program for several reasons.  At one level, we felt that this was a unique opportunity to live abroad and experience a different culture.  Living in a new place can be an educational experience in itself, so that was one reason we wanted to come to the UK. 

Aside from the cultural experience, Ben also felt like continuing his education at this point in our lives would be a good idea.  It’s a special privilege to be able to spend a few years acquiring skills and knowledge that will be useful for a lifetime of service to the church in one way or another.  Not very many people get the chance to set aside a prolonged amount of time just to read and to think.  With all of its resources, Cambridge is an ideal setting for someone with Ben’s interest in biblical studies, so it was a natural choice to come here.


7 responses to “What We’re Doing in Cambridge

  • Anne Anthony

    LOVED reading about how you guys are adjusting!!

  • Felur Vickers

    I am pride of both of you. Keep up the good work.
    May our Lord bless both of you very richly. I am praying for you.

  • susan walters

    It was wonderful to read about your move to the UK. Thank you so much for sharing! Tony & I are praying for you, as is our Bible Study group.
    We are very excited to see how God has and is working in your lives! So glad everything is good so far, in the UK! Love & Prayers, Aunt Susan

  • Nancy Wilson

    Loved the pictures! Going to have to read Harry Potter now for sure! Love you guys!

    • rnbwilson

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures! If you read Harry Potter before you come then you will definitely feel as though you just stepped into the pages of the book when you come here. It is crazy the similarities!

  • Chauncey

    Love the site, siblings! Keep writing!

    John 3:17 “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” (NASB)


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