Going Postal

The last few months have been absolutely crazy for me.  My days are filled with ever-fluctuating, crazy work situations, and my nights and weekends are filled with May Ball hoopla.  And I do mean hoopla.  It is because of this crazy schedule that we decided we needed a relaxing and fun-filled weekend.  My American friend Courtney, who I met at work invited Ben and me to stay with her this weekend at her house in Ely and do a bit of shopping.  You are probably asking why Ben decided to go along with this…well that is because the shopping was taking place on the American military base.  Oh baby.

We had a fun Friday night, but Saturday was the real highlight.  We headed to base before noon and made our first stop, the post office.  Normally this would be a pretty mundane and tiresome errand, but I was overjoyed.  I couldn’t stop staring at everyone.  They all looked so American.  There were tons of hoodies and baseball hats, running gear, and boot cut jeans.  I felt so at home.  It wasn’t only the people, but it was the actual place.  I loved being surrounded by all the American postal supplies.  Yes, you heard me right.  All the blue tape with white eagles on it, stamps of American presidents, and large signs that said “US Postal Service” just made me smile.  To Ben’s embarrassment, I actually starting giggling I was so excited.

After our trip to the post office, we headed South of the border.  Oh yes.  Taco Bell.  Sigh.  I could have ordered everything on the menu, but Ben, being the logical man he is, reminded me that I should start small and then order more if I was still hungry.  Smart man.  So I sat down with my chicken quesadilla, cinnamon twists, and huge Dr. Pepper and all the cares of the last few months just melted away.  There was one point when I was telling Courtney how good it was, and I actually started to tear up.  Of course my food was tasty, but it was more than that, it reminded me of home.  Who would have thought Taco Bell could elicit such a response?

After I savoured every last bite (I literally took twice as long as Courtney and Ben), we headed to the commissary.  We were like children in a candy store.  We walked down every single aisle and gazed admiringly at nearly every label.  We methodically went through our list and made sure we didn’t miss anything.  We filled our cart with barbecue sauce, Velveeta shells and cheese, Frosted Mini Wheats, chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, Hamburger Helper, Bush’s Baked Beans,CORNBREAD MIX, CANNED GREEN CHILLIES!!!, and the list goes on.  We were in heaven.  I bought cherry chapstick, Pantene Pro-V, and York peppermint patties for my friend Hannah as they are her favorite…unfortunately, two out of three didn’t make the journey home.  🙂

It was such a great day.  Not only did we get loads of amazing food, but we saved a whole lot of money!  Some of the things we bought we could get here in England, but for a pretty penny.  It was amazing to see just how much cheaper it was to buy American products with American prices.  To top the day off, we had a little Baskin Robbin.  Bless my soul it was good.  I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and fun weekend.  I was surrounded by friendly American faces, pocket-book friendly prices, and waist friendly food…ok, maybe not that last bit, but that is ok by me.  I think my feelings today can be best summed up by saying, God bless America and the kind military folks who let me go crazy this weekend.  Courtney, that includes you!! xox

5 responses to “Going Postal

  • Bert Wilson

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never been to a commisary on an American military base. I’d like to do that myself sometime. I’m sure it made y’all appreciate and miss home. We miss y’all. Hopefully, Nancy and I will be able to come see y’all this August. I saw on the internet that the Summer Olympics run in London from July 27th through August 12th, so we probably wouldn’t want to come until sometime during the last 2 weeks in August. We love y’all!!!!!!

  • Candice

    Fun!!! Glad you enjoyed your time “in America”, so to speak! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    That is super fun, though when I go shopping at home, I don’t think prices are that much cheaper in America. Meat is WAY cheaper in US, but things like Bread and grains are cheaper in UK. I suppose the commissary has good deals. We have a commissary hookup in Oxford too, though I am saving her for a rainy day. 🙂

  • Miss P. Patty

    Hm…..what can I say…..it seems you were very over-excited so perhaps we can blame your excited delirum for the sad demise of TWO OF MY PATTIES…. 😉

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