Girls Night In

What do you do when your husband is out-of-town, you miss him like crazy, and you still have four days to go?  Yep, you guessed it, you have a good old-fashioned slumber party!  I couldn’t bear the idea of spending my entire weekend alone so I made sure to kick it off the best way I know how.  Girlfriends, chocolate, music, and movies.  Oh and did I mention chocolate?  I invited a few girls over from our church and I have to say, we had the most amazing night.  Well at least I did!

The girls started showing up right about the time the pizza arrived so things definitely got started off on the right foot.  Over dinner we got down to business and started talking about the three things that inevitably always come up, boys, God, and makeovers.  I don’t know why, but those are just essentials in successful sleepovers.  After we polished most of the pizza, it became clear that dancing was the next stage of the evening.  I had created a bit of dance mix so we pushed back the tables, couches and chairs and started shakin it.  You should have seen our moves.  We looked awesome.  Oh, and did I mention our amazing outfits?  I think the general ensemble was a mixture of Christmas bottoms, flannel pajama sets, and of course a snowflake onesie.  I am sure the neighbors loved the show.

After watching a lot of one-hit-wonders from back in the day on YouTube, things started to settle down a bit.  Naturally we had to take a chocolate break so that lead to another great time of girltalk.  You can never have too much of that if you ask me.  It was then that we decided it was time to select a film for the night.  Shockingly, one of our slumberers (is that even a word?) hadn’t seen Beauty and the Beast.  It therefore became a unanimous decision that this would be the film we watched.  It was the right choice.  We all quoted and sang, laughed and cried.  Well, ok we didn’t cry, but we did cringe at how unattractive the actual prince is at the end of the movie.  Not exactly a looker, but I guess the point of the movie is to look beyond what meets the eye, so I guess it’s ok.

At this point it is was 4:30 in the morning, we had eaten an appalling amount of chocolate and pizza and we were all starting to feel a bit on the sleepy side.  Though we weren’t overly tired, we thought it would be best to probably get at least a few hours of sleep.  We slowly got ready for bed and of course made an insanely huge bed in the middle of the living room which consisted of a mattress, a mattress pad and lots of blankets and sleeping bags.  It was truly a proper sleepover.  I had such a great time, and I just have to thank each of the girls for such a wonderful night.  This was the highlight of my week and I am really thankful for each of you.  I apologize again for pressuring you into flossing.  But really, don’t forget to floss.




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